Life with Baby

Life with Baby

Parenthood is a journey, and so is understanding baby clothes. From sizing to safety, comfort to clever designs, and gift ideas to more sustainable materials — here’s everything you’re looking for in one cosy place.

Life with Baby

Newborn checklist

Welcoming a baby to the world? There's already plenty to prepare, so we’ve made it a bit easier. Here are baby clothes and other essentials that our little ones need for those precious early months.


With wrap openings for easy dressing: Your baby will live in these!

Bibs and scarves

Keep baby’s skin dry and your washing pile small


Layer over bodysuits to warm little legs


Easy night-time changes for you, sweet dreams for your baby

Hats & socks

Keep baby’s head and tiny toes warm and comfortable


Make snuggles even cosier with soft and sweet fabrics

Life with Baby

Comfort and quality

For us, quality is all about the comfort and safety of your baby. It's also about making life easy for you, and giving the garments a longer lifespan. Here are some of the highlights you can find in our babywear.

Easy dressing

For newborns, wrap-over bodysuits are easy to take on and off: meaning that you don’t need to pull them over delicate heads. For older babies, we added buttons around the neck for extra room and easy dressing, and shoulder flaps so you can roll down the entire bodysuit in a nappy emergency.

Soft seams

You won’t find irritating side seams in our products. In some of our newborn garments, we don’t use side seams at all. And when we do use them, we make sure they’re extra soft.

Gentle labels

We don’t use scratchy neck labels on newborn garments worn directly against the baby’s skin. Instead, we print the details in the material by the neck, or use super soft labels to protect their skin.

Nappy fits

We hear you, little ones: wearing a nappy all day isn't that much fun. That’s why you’ll find garments that are specially designed to properly fit the nappy, keeping your baby comfy and the outfit in shape.

Leggings with feet

We've added a soft strip of elastic to our leggings, keeping feet in place and stopping them from getting lost in the fabric. Plus: feet coverings are stretchy for room to grow and flexible sizing.

Good to grow

Look out for our bodysuits that grow with your baby. They have a double row of buttons that lets you increase the size, extendable sleeves, and legs for when your baby gets taller, and elastic around the leg for comfort as they grow.

All about quality

Comfort, safety, durability — there’s lots to consider when it comes to quality. That’s why we have quality technicians, controllers, and assurance specialists who work hard to keep these things in check.

Life with Baby

Size guide

Just like the rest of us, babies come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some top tips on which sizes to buy when shopping with us. And if you’re still unsure of what size to get — don’t miss our 2-in-1 sizes with room-to-grow features.

Size it right

• Use our size charts for clothes, socks, shoes, mittens and hats

• For clothing, go by height and chest size, rather than age

• Measure from the top of baby’s head to the bottom of the heel (height) and under the arms at the widest point (chest)

Go to size charts

Room to grow

• Baby on the way? Don’t shop too much; you’re likely to receive gifts of clothing in the smallest size

• Keep that mindset and never buy too much in one size — babies always grow quickly!

• If in doubt, size up so that your baby can grow into it (that goes for you too, gift-givers)

• Babies grow fast, so we've made garments with 2-in-1 sizes that grow with your baby, and can be loved for longer.

Life with Baby

Gift ideas

Thoughtful gifts are sweet for babies and handy for parents. So, don’t be afraid to ask what parents really need. Bodysuits, basics, and bedding are all useful when building a baby nest. And if you're unsure of the size — go bigger.

If you’re looking for tips and inspiration, here are our best gift ideas to help make you the ultimate gift-giver.

Always in style: basics

Never confuse basics with boring, new parents will always welcome bodysuits, multipacks, bibs and scarves, or blankets — because they’ll always need it.

Playful gifts

Soft toys or stuffed animals are always a good idea. They bring comfort and joy to our little ones and keep them stimulated too. A win-win for both parents and babies!


Cosy blankets is another great gift idea. It keeps the baby warm and comfy — and adds style to the nursery room as well.

Festive styles

Adorable outfits for special occasions might not be the first priority on new parents' lists, which makes it an even more special gift to receive. Surprise them with exciting styles for holidays and celebrations.

Life with Baby


There’s nothing more important than the safety of a child. That’s why our babywear is designed and made with safety first — always.

From details to dressing

We follow strict requirements to make sure our clothes are designed safely from the word go. We consider everything from secure details and soft materials to features made for careful dressing, like wrap-over bodysuits.

Made with care

All our buttons and details are tested to make sure they’ll stay securely attached through normal wear and washing. It’s also good to know that all of our zips have fabric guards behind them to protect your baby’s skin.

No harmful chemicals

You won’t find any harmful chemicals in our baby clothes. We’ve adopted some of the strictest chemical restrictions in the industry, and continue to push for more progressive chemical management.

On the case

Our suppliers and third-party labs conduct ongoing safety, chemical and quality tests to ensure we meet global legislation. They check for things like sharp edges, small parts, and every other detail, making sure that our products are safe for your baby.

Life with Baby


When you buy our baby clothes, we want you to know what they’re made from, how to make them last and what we’re doing to support a more sustainable planet for your child’s future.

We’re pushing for a net-zero fashion industry. And we need to give it our all.

All cotton within our babywear range is organic, recycled, or sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This means you can feel confident that you’re supporting a more responsible cotton industry whenever you buy a cotton product from us. Almost all our newborn garments are 100% organic cotton.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton uses less energy and less water (on average) than conventional cotton. It’s also grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, and doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is better for the soil and the surrounding ecosystem — and has less impact on the environment than conventional cotton.

Want to learn more? Look up the Textile Exchange, a global non-profit organisation with more good things to say about organic cotton.

Better Cotton Initiative

We are committed to improving cotton farming practices globally with Better Cotton, a non-profit organization that trains cotton farmers to use water efficiently, care for natural habitats, reduce the use of harmful chemicals and respect workers’ rights. This type of cotton is sourced via a system of mass balance, meaning cotton from Better Cotton farmers may be mixed with conventional cotton in the manufacturing process. Cotton from this program is, therefore, not physically traceable to end products. But, by sourcing Better Cotton, we are funding a global initiative that enables their training to reach more farmers and have a more profound impact.

What we do

• Zooming towards our goal of using 100% organic, recycled, or other more sustainably sourced materials by 2030. In 2019, our babywear range was already up to 86% and by 2021, it climbed to 94%. And for our baby bedding range, we’re already at 100%!

• Caring for cotton. All the cotton within our babywear range is organic, recycled, or sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

• Designing clothes that last: quality-driven garments with room-to-grow features, so your baby can wear them for longer.

What you can do

• If you have plenty of clothes, ask loved ones to minimise the amount they buy as gifts. And gift-givers: ask what parents need before you buy.

• Read our Take Care guides to help make babywear last longer.

• Outgrown? Save for siblings or bring unwanted babywear to a garment collecting initiative, like ours. If you bring old clothes from any brand to any H&M store, they’ll be reworn, reused or recycled — and you'll also receive a thank-you voucher.

Life with Baby

Sleepwear for sweet dreams

Sleep is essential to a child’s development, health, and wellbeing. So, how can we make sure our babies are comfy and safe when we tuck them in and turn off the lights? Here are some products that can help give your little one a lovely night’s sleep.

Sleepwear benefits

Easy dressing is key during night-time. Our pyjamas with press buttons and gentle zippers make those nappy changes quick and easy. And for colder nights, remember to keep your baby’s tiny toes warm and toasty in pyjamas with feet.


Sleepsuits are the perfect all-in-one option for sweet dreams, they're available in full-length and shoort sleeve and shorts. They can be worn as they are in warmer temperatures, and layered underneath a baby sleep bag on colder nights.

Baby sleep bag

Give your baby extra comfort during night-time in a sleep bag. The sleep bag is a wearable blanket that goes over your baby’s nightwear, and provides the cosy feeling of a blanket without the risk of suffocation.


Pyjama separates is a classic that never goes wrong. With full-length pants and long-sleeve tops, your baby will stay comfy during colder temperatures. And for the summer months, you can use a t-shirt and shorts to keep your baby breezy all night long.

Baby beddings

Tuck your little one in with lovely beddings — they're as cute as they’re soft towards your baby’s skin. Our fitted sheets stay in place and are easy to change. They're also great for safety reasons as our babies shouldn't sleep around loose objects.

Life with Baby

Baby room

It’s time to welcome a new little family member into your life — and home! We’re here to help you create a cosy environment to make your little one feel just at home with our lovely baby room essentials.

Soft baby bedding

Our baby bedding is available in several muted colours and cute prints, and our fitted sheets make bedding changes smooth and easy. Best of all? The complete range is made from 100% organic cotton.

Changing station and extra storage

It’s key to keep everything close to hand when changing on your baby — our quilted storage baskets are perfect for keeping all those small things in one place. Store nappies and tissues in a smart and stylish diaper caddy — it’ll help keep your changing station neat and clean. And yes, messy mishaps happen! A washable changing mat cover with elastics at the back makes cleaning your changing station easy.

Playtime favourites

A happy baby is a calm baby. Make nappy changes less fussy with a hanging mobile above the changing station. Keep that tummy comfy during playtime with a soft play mat — and don’t forget to stimulate play with a cute rattle, music toy, or comfort blanket toy.

Bathtime hacks

How can we make bathtime more bubbly and less of a struggle? Turn the bath into a cosy part of the bedtime routine. A wash mitt in organic cotton makes washing your baby safe and easy. And once bathtime is over, sweep your baby in a hooded towel of soft, organic cotton terry. Cute and cosy!

Life with Baby

Maternity and nursing wear

Your body goes through many changes during your pregnancy journey. It’s a process that doesn’t stop once you give birth, but luckily, there are garments perfectly suited for you during your pregnancy and beyond.

Lovely leggings

A pair of soft and comfy maternity leggings goes a long way when you’re expecting. As your baby grows, you can pull up the waistline to keep you belly tucked in and protected. After giving birth, you can fold down the waist over your hips and continue to use them.

Maternity and nursing dresses

A breezy and flowy dress is always a great idea — and even more so during your pregnancy journey. We’ve got combined maternity and nursing dresses for special occasions and everyday use. It’s the perfect staple for when you’re expecting and after your delivery.

Nursing tops and t-shirts

If you're going to breastfeed, this basic will be your best friend after giving birth. Nursing tops and t-shirts make nursing quick and convenient and can help cover potential leaking. They’re great to wear under a top or as they are. They’re also perfect as sleepwear for easy night-time nursing.

Waist expander

Your favourite jeans are starting to feel a little too tight, but you’re not ready for a pair of maternity trousers just yet? Enter: The waist expander — a great item to get in the beginning of your pregnancy when you’re just starting to show. You can add it to different trousers to change your style and wear your regular pants a little bit longer.

Life with Baby

Pack the hospital bag

Some babies are right on schedule, some are in a rush, and others are more hesitant to meet the world — but being prepared for when your lovey will arrive is always comforting. Here are some mom and baby essentials for the hospital bag.

Baby bodysuits

After that first moment of laying skin-to-skin, your baby needs to be warm and comfy. Dress your little one in something simple and accessible — like a bodysuit. Our newborn bodysuits are made from soft, organic cotton tricot and don’t have any irritating seams or labels.

Nursing bras

A good nursing bra is essential for every mom who decides to breastfeed. There are many different styles for different body types and occasions: wireless bras, bras with lined cups, stretch fabrics, etc. The most important thing is to find a nursing bra that works best for you and your needs.


At the hospital, the most important thing is to be as comfortable as possible. Pack a few relaxed outfits in soft materials that you feel happy and cosy in. Stylish loungewear and comfy robes are perfect for those early snuggle sessions.


Wrap your newborn in a soft baby blanket to keep them warm and cosy. It’ll protect their gentle skin and is perfect to snuggle up in.

Cotton hats

It’s essential to keep your new baby warm and toasty, so don’t forget the cotton hats. Cute and cosy hats help regulate their body temperature and are as important in winter as in summer.


To use a pacifier, or not to use a pacifier — that’s the question for many parents. But if it’s something you’re contemplating, bringing one to the hospital can be a good idea. It might take some experimenting to find the right fit for your baby, so don’t be discouraged if you might need to try different materials and designs.

Underwear for mom

Giving birth is a tremendous challenge for your body, so don’t forget to take care of your sensitive parts. Bring comfy underwear in soft fabrics that are gentle to your skin, and leave any tight models with irritating seams at home. Styles with enough coverage to keep pads in place are also a good idea for any postpartum mother.

Life with Baby


During colder temperatures, it’s essential to keep your baby warm and toasty. That means lots of layers to keep the cold away, but remember to stay conscious of not overheating your baby. Check their body temperature regularly and remove or add garments as needed.

Durable fabrics like denim, cotton, and corduroy are great for colder climes. And cosy knits in wool are breathable, warm, and lovely for your baby to snuggle in. Although babies spend most of the time outside in a stroller, outerwear will be necessary. Think warmer jackets and trousers, and don’t forget a water-resistant option, too!

Long-sleeved bodysuits

Long-sleeve bodysuits and leggings with a snug fit are the best option for autumn and winter. Use it as a base layer and add as many more garments as needed.

Socks, socks, socks

Just like with adults, you can never have too many socks. Those tiny little socks always go missing and you don’t want your baby’s toes to get cold.

Baby all-in-one suit

An all-in-one suit is a thicker one-piece with foldover mitts and feet to keep your baby warm during outdoor adventures. Choose between cosy fleece or a padded option for more protection against the weather.


Lower temperatures call for a number of accessories to keep the cold away. Don’t forget mittens, gloves, hats and blankets for your baby during those colder months.

Life with Baby

Summer styles

Dressing your baby during the warmer months can be confusing and difficult. We all want to keep our little ones cool and comfy, but we also need to protect them from the sun. The answer is garments in lighter colours and layering: Thin and breezy clothes that you easily can remove or add as the day go by.

It’s all in the materials. Dress your baby in breathable materials like cotton during spring and summer. Cotton is a natural fibre that is durable, absorbs moisture and lets the skin breathe — and it’s easy to machine wash too.

Cotton garments

Opt for a thin bodysuit in breathable cotton during warmer days.

Caps and sunhats

Protect your baby’s eyes from the bright sunlight with a cute cap or a thin sunhat.


On really bright days, you can add a pair of sunglasses to cover your baby’s eyes from the sun.

Light cardigans

Layering is key, so a thin cardigan can come in handy when the temperature suddenly drops.

Life with Baby

Find the right bodysuit

With all so many styles, shapes, and features, it can be difficult to know which bodysuit to get for your baby. But it doesn’t have to be! There are different styles for different occasions, and we’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Our bodysuits come in a wide range of colors, structures, and prints — and matching leggings to style them with. Choose between singles, multipacks, and sets, and learn more about our different models below.


Our bodysuits with wrap-over fronts suit newborns and babies who haven’t started to move around during dressing. They provide gentle and easy dressing as you don’t have to pull the garment over your baby’s head.

Overlapping shoulders

The overlapping shoulder fit is perfect for when dressing needs to be quick and smooth. The overlapping fabrics make it easy to pull the bodysuit gently over your baby’s head during dressing and changes.

Press buttons

Bodysuits with press buttons on the shoulders give the garment a nice fit and makes it easy to pull over your baby’s head. All our press buttons are of high quality and securely attached for our little one’s safety.

Room to grow

With 2-in-1 sizes, these bodysuits grow with your baby! We’ve added two rows of press buttons at the crotch, a folded waist, and cuffs that can be adjusted as your baby gets bigger.