H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>

H&M for babies
Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related

Parenthood is a journey, so is understanding baby clothes! From sizing to safety, comfort to clever designs, and gift ideas to more sustainable materials — here’s everything you’re looking for, in one cosy place.

H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>

Newborn checklist

Welcoming a baby to the world? There's already plenty to prepare, so we’ve made the wardrobe part easy. Here are the essentials that little ones need for those precious early months.


With wrap openings for easy dressing: baby will live in these!

Bibs and scarves

Keep baby’s skin dry and your washing pile small


Layer over bodysuits to warm little legs


Easy night-time changes for you, no irritating side seams for baby


Keep baby’s head warm and comfortable

Scratch mittens

Protect soft skin from scratches


Keep tiny toes warm when wearing footless rompers


To cover, layer or snuggle up in softness!

It’s not only about what you need from the list — it's what you and your baby need from the clothes. All of our garments are carefully crafted to make life easier: learn more in Comfort and quality.

H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>

Comfort and quality

For us, quality is all about the comfort and safety of your baby. It's also about making life easy for you, and giving the clothes a longer lifespan. Here are some of the highlights you can find in our babywear.

H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>

Easy dressing

For newborns, wrap-over bodysuits are easy to take on and off: meaning that you don’t need to lift them over delicate heads. For older babies, we added buttons around the neck for extra room and easy dressing, and shoulder flaps so you can roll down the entire bodysuit in a nappy emergency.

Dream seams

You won’t find irritating side seams in our products. We try not to use them at all in our newborn sizes: and when we really need to have them, we make sure they’re extra soft.

Lovable labels

We don’t have any scratchy neck labels in garments that are worn against a baby’s skin. Instead, we print the details you need in the material by the neck or use super soft labels.

Best for bellies

All of our babywear has soft linings around the tummy for comfort. Some newborn garments also feature double-folded waists for extra softness. And when baby grows? Unfold for a bigger size!

Happy nappies

We hear you, little ones: wearing a nappy all day isn't that much fun. That’s why you’ll find garments that are specially designed to properly fit the nappy, keeping your baby comfy and the outfit in shape.

Sweet feet

We've added a soft strip of elastic to our newborn garments, keeping feet in place and stopping them from getting lost in fabric. Plus: feet coverings are stretchy for room to grow and flexible sizing.

Good to grow

Look out for three-piece sets featuring bodysuits that grow with your baby. They have a double row of buttons that lets you increase the size, extendable sleeves and legs for when baby gets taller, and elastic around the leg for comfort as they grow.

All about quality

Comfort, safety, durability — there’s lots to consider when it comes to quality. That’s why we have quality technicians, controllers and assurance specialists who work hard to keep these things in check. Find out more in our Safety chapter.

H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>

Size guide

Just like the rest of us, babies come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some top tips on which sizes to buy when shopping with us.

Size it right

— Use our size charts for clothes, socks, shoes, mittens and hats"
— For clothing, go by height and chest size, rather than age
— Measure from the top of baby’s head to the bottom of the heel (height) and under the arms at the widest point (chest)
— Check out our ‘true to size’ scale for products online, based on customer reviews

Go to size charts

Room to grow

— Baby on the way? Don’t shop too much; you’re likely to receive gifts of clothing in the smallest size
— Keep that mindset and never buy too much in one size — babies always grow quickly!
— If in doubt, size up so that baby can grow into it (that goes for you too, gift-givers)
— Look out for room-to-grow designs, like double-folded waists and extendable sleeves

H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>

Gift ideas

Thoughtful gifts are comfy for babies, handy for parents and more considerate to the environment. So, don’t be afraid to ask what parents really need and, if you're unsure of the size, go bigger — we'll help take care of the rest.

H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>

Style inspo

They may be small, but they’re big on style. Find the latest trends, prints and patterns for mini fashion icons.
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H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>


There’s nothing more important than the safety of a child. That’s why our babywear is designed and made with safety first: always.

From details to dressing

We follow strict requirements to make sure our clothes are designed safely from the word go. We consider everything from secure details and soft materials to features made for careful dressing, like wrap-over bodysuits.

Made with care

All our buttons and details are tested to make sure they’ll stay securely attached through normal wear and washing. It’s also good to know that all of our zips have fabric guards behind them to protect your baby’s skin.

No harmful chemicals

You won’t find any harmful chemicals in our baby clothes. We’ve adopted some of the strictest chemical restrictions in the industry, and continue to push for more progressive chemical management.

On the case

Our suppliers and third-party labs conduct ongoing safety, chemical and quality tests to make sure we meet global legislation. They check for things like sharp edges, small parts and every other detail, making sure that our products are safe for your baby.

H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>

Organic cotton

All of the cotton within our babywear range is organic or sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This means whenever you buy a cotton product, you can feel confident that you’re supporting a more responsible cotton industry. Almost all of our newborn garments are 100% organic cotton, so let's find out more!

Why organic cotton?

Organic cotton uses 62% less energy and 91% less water (on average) than conventional cotton. It’s also grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilisers and doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is better for the soil and the surrounding ecosystem — and has less impact on the environment than conventional cotton.
Want to learn more? Look up the Textile Exchange, a global non-profit organisation with more good things to say about organic cotton.

Be reassured

We use internationally recognised third-party standards when we source our materials, such as the Organic Content Standard (OCS). They're how we can tell you with confidence when our cotton is organic. They follow the organic cotton we source from start to finish, making sure it is sourced in a more environmentally sustainable way.

H&M for babies <br><small>Your cosy hub for everything babywear-related</small>


When you buy our baby clothes, we want you to know what they’re made from, how to make them last and what we’re doing to support a more sustainable planet for your child’s future.

We’re pushing for a circular fashion industry. And we need to give it our all.

What we're doing

— Zooming towards our goal of using 100% organic, recycled or other more sustainably sourced materials by 2030. In 2019, our babywear range was already up to 86% and by 2020, it climbed to 92%!
— Caring for cotton. All the cotton within our babywear range is organic or sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). In fact, almost all of our newborn garments are 100% organic cotton!
— Designing clothes that last: quality-driven garments with room-to-grow features, so your baby can wear them for longer.

What you can do

— If you have plenty of clothes, ask loved ones to minimise the amount they buy as gifts. And gift-givers: ask what parents need before you buy.
— Read our Take Care guides to help make babywear last longer.
— Outgrown? Save for siblings or bring unwanted babywear to a garment collecting initiative, like ours. If you bring old clothes from any brand to any H&M store, they’ll be reworn, reused or recycled — and you'll also receive a thank-you voucher.
— H&M member? You’ll get conscious points for conscious actions, such as bringing your own bag to stores. Keep your eyes peeled for more feel-good incentives.