From bottles to fashion

From bottles to fashion

Let’s clean up!

From PET bottles to comfy kidswear: plastic is messy, but we’ll keep cleaning up. Meet bottle2fashion.

From bottles to fashion

The why

Indonesia is on a mission to tackle its huge plastic pollution problem. By 2025, it aims to cut marine plastic waste by 70%.

We also want to tackle our own plastic problem: finding alternatives to conventional polyester (a kind of plastic) to make more sustainable, affordable kidswear.

From bottles to fashion

The how

Our bottle2fashion initiative with Danone AQUA collects PET bottles on the islands of Indonesia and recycles them into polyester fibres. We blend with more sustainable cotton to make these everyday casuals.

This season, bottle2fashion will collect and recycle around 3.5 million PET bottles. Looking ahead, we want to do even more.

From bottles to fashion

Why recycled polyester?

Recycled polyester is an artificial fibre made from oil-based waste, like old PET bottles. We blend it with organic and recycled cotton to achieve a soft, fleecy quality (like these hoodies).

It's better to use materials that already exist — waste that would otherwise end up in landfills and oceans — than sourcing more conventional polyester.

Plus, it takes less energy and generates less CO2 emissions to convert PET into recycled polyester than in the case of conventional polyester.

From bottles to fashion

What’s next?

After the kids outgrow the clothes, you can give them a new life by passing on to others or bringing them to our Garment Collecting boxes in store. You can also wash polyester garments in microfibre-catching bags to help reduce microfibre shedding.