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We’re continually trying to improve our impact on the environment. As another step in the right direction, we’ve pushed for the next level of sustainable denim together with American denim brand, Lee. The result? A collection of timeless jeans and streetwear-inspired pieces in pops of neon yellow, all made from more sustainable materials.


We carefully thought through every detail in the process of making this collection. Our goal is to be more transparent: to show you what we've done, how we've done it, and why it matters. That's why we've included the Life Cycle Assessment data with each denim garment so that you can easily see the environmental impact of the pieces you like.

With that being said, we've created our first ever 100% recycled cotton jeans, produced non-cotton denim, and used water-saving dyeing processes and more sustainable choices for all details in the collection.


T-shirt made from 50% Texloop™ RCOT™ recycled cotton. The sewing threads? Recycled polyester from plastic waste. The printed text that celebrates the history of the brand? Water-based inks.

Relaxed jeans made from 100% recycled cotton; 80% post-industrial waste and 20% post-consumer waste recycled from old garments.

The details? All metal trims: non-plated and non-toxic. Sewing threads: 100% recycled polyester. Patch: non-leather, from FSC certified cork and jacron paper.

"Transparency is a crucial part of H&M’s journey to a more sustainable future. If we're transparent about our products and our business, it means that we're prepared to be accountable for our work, and to push ourselves to keep improving.”
— Giorgina Waltier, Transparency Strategy Lead, H&M.