1 piece, 3 ways by Pamela Allier

Mexican blogger Pam Allier made a Conscious statement at Coachella and wore the same dress (basically) every day.
19 April 2017

One weekend of Coachella down, one to go. We teamed up with Mexico City-based blogger and street style star Pamela Allier on the first day of the first weekend to learn how to wear the same item three days in row, without appearing like you were just too lazy to get changed.

“I love an extra layer! The dress-over-T-shirt combo is always casual, and the embroidered and patched-up denim jacket highlights the waist – and gives this look a ’90s vibe.”

“It can be difficult to find enough occasions to wear a dress that’s as unique as this one, so you need to play around and find ways to make it clear that you did actually shower and change before returning for day two. By folding the top and turning it into a skirt, I’ve made the tie-up blouse the centrepiece.”

“At a party or night out, I would wear this dress with heels and more accessories, but to make it work for a crazy day in the desert heat I paired it with combat boots and a choker. This is actually my favourite way to wear it, because for me there’s no such thing as being over-dressed.”

Pamela Allier

AGE: 26

DOES: Blogger

LOCATION: Mexico City

BLOG: pamallier.com 

INSTAGRAM: @pamallier 

SNAPCHAT: pamallier

There’s no such thing as being over-dressed
Pamela Allier