Beauty trends for 2016

Want the fresh-faced radiance of an A-lister? Let your skincare routine take a little inspiration from the stars: here’s a round-up of the latest celebrity-endorsed skincare tips and tricks.
18 February 2016

Forget fancy makeup removers and exfoliators – the current cleanser choice of busy Hollywood actresses is the oil cleansing method, or OCM. It’s easy for non-celebs to try, too, with natural oils such as coconut, grapeseed or sweet almond massaged into the skin to remove dirt, then washed off with a warm wet facecloth. The result? Cleaner, more balanced skin.

Although it’s long been a favoured antioxidant in the supplement cabinet, facialists in London and LA are wising up to vitamin C’s many amazing benefits for the skin. Using a product with added vitamin C can revive a dry or dehydrated face, and celeb clients are flocking to their beauticians for a mid-winter hit to rejuvenate dull skin during the awards season.

The It-ingredient of 2016, watch out for this magic compound in serums and moisturisers. Its hydrating and plumping abilities make it a popular anti-ageing must for New York’s in-crowd and the jet-setting fashion pack. Perfect for year-round healthy skin.

It’s no secret that face masks are all the rage these days – a cursory look at any beauty-conscious star’s Instagram will yield a snap in a clay mask or two. Now, masks are getting more luxurious, and the new favourite is the weekly recovery mask, a more intensive option worn for an hour or even overnight, then removed to reveal red-carpet ready skin underneath.

Korean skincare trends have been the latest addition to the pampering routines of celebrities and beauty insiders. After sheet masks and essence, the next step to add to your programme is a dose of Korean magic water drops – an ultra-light, super hydrating serum that cools and calms the skin, leaving it radiant and glowy. Nice!

2016 is the year of un-touring, according to The Daily Telegraph, which advocates for some simple tinted moisturiser and light blush in place of the lengthy multi-stage Kardashian-style contouring regimen. Models who spend a lot of time backstage in hair and makeup are often firm fans of this more natural approach.