Three easy holiday-perfect glitter looks

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26 December 2017

Start by doing your base how you like it – we prefer to keep it natural to balance out the glitter. Apply a little bit of concealer and/or a neutral eyeshadow. Your finger is the best tool for this look – dab the glitter on your eyelid, concentrating on the centre. Be careful not to spread it too far out. Let dry and then add some more until you’ve reached your preferred glitter level. 

Apply a neutral eyeshadow that goes with silver. Then draw a winged cat-eye, in the shape you like, with the glitter eyeliner. Let it dry, and follow up with a second layer to make it more intense. If you’re after an even more glittery look, use the same product to apply some glitter on your eyelashes – the Glitterati Mascara Liner has a mascara wand and an eyeliner brush all-in-one! Or why not go for gilded brows? 

Start by applying a muted pink eyeshadow like Peach Life all over the eyelid. You can also use a blush in a coral shade, like the Cheek Pro Palette in Coral Sunset. Use a bigger brush to sweep the product over your eyelid, just to give it a hint of colour.
Use the Glitterati in the Nebula shade, and apply a thin layer all around the eye. (In the inner corner of the eye, you’ll just need a tiny bit.) Use your finger to dab some pink glitter all over the eyelid and up on the brow bone, and out towards the cheekbone.
Apply some coral blush on your cheeks and up towards your temples, to connect the cheek and eye area. Finish off with a coral pink lipstick, like H&M’s cream lip colour in Popsicle



STYLIST Mikaela Hållén

MAKEUP Veronica Lindqvist | MIKAS Looks

HAIR Joanna Rask | MIKAS Looks

MODEL Jill Megan Kortleve | The Movement Models