H&M Life shows you how to do a summer smoky eye in seven easy steps.

H&M Life shows you how to do a summer smoky eye in seven easy steps.

How to do a summer smoky eye

A smoky eye for summer? Yes, you read right! Updated for warmer temperatures and sun-kissed skin, get the same sultry look we all know and love in just a few, easy steps.
July 8, 2015

1. Start with a freshly cleansed face. Apply moisturiser, ideally a lighter formula for summer. If you want some coverage, skip the foundation and head straight for a tinted moisturiser with a bit of concealer (where necessary) instead. Also, you want to avoid putting any moisturiser or concealer on your eyelids – one of the main culprits of sliding eye makeup! Use a primer instead. Curl your eyelashes for extra oomph. 

2. The smoky eye has three components – the base, a darker shade and a lighter shade – and a whole lot of brushes. Start with the base, which should be a silky eyeshadow slightly darker than your skin tone, nothing with extreme shimmer, please! Press the eyeshadow with a  brush onto the inner half of each lid, no higher than your crease. 

3. Using another brush, it’s time to shape that smoky eye. Press a darker eyeshadow (a few shades darker than the base shade) onto the outer half of the lid starting at the lashline. Work your way from the outer corner to the middle of the lid until you meet the base colour. Take the brush from step two and blend the darker shade up so you no longer have any harsh lines. Using the darker shade brush, work what’s left on the brush into your crease first, then build if necessary. Take a clean, fluffy eyeshadow brush and sweep out, from inner to outer corner of the eye. Finally, press a bit of the darker eyeshadow onto the lower lash line and blend towards the outer corner. 

4. Now for the light stuff. Using a small, pointy brush, press the lighter shade (your fave highlighter or eyeshadow a few shades lighter than the base) into the corner of each eye, creating a rough triangle shape. Then add a bit of the lighter shade under the brow, too.

5. The real secret to a successful smoky eye? A fuller lash line. Which, thankfully, you can happily fake with a dark brown eyeshadow. Using a small, thin flat brush and starting at the outer corner of the eye and moving inwards, press the dark brown eyeshadow into the upper lash line and gently sweep back and forth. Build with more eyeshadow as necessary. To tackle the lower lash line, do the same, but only line the outer half, and meet your upper line. If at any point you find flecks of eyeshadow have fallen astray, just remove with a cotton swab.

6. Mascara is completely optional, but if you do, opt for a brown or even colourless one. And make it waterproof. For the lips, you’re after a natural look so stick to something close to the colour of your lips. All you need is a few daubs. And step away from the lip liner! 

7. If you fancy something more intense for evening, or simply like things dark and mysterious, try a dark brown eyeliner (kinder than black) along your waterline. Waterproof gel eyeliner works best. And there you have it – a sultry summer smoky eye!