How does H&M check that suppliers abide by the Code of Conduct?

We employ full-time auditors whose job it is to check compliance with our Code of Conduct. During audits they go through a list containing over 300 points relating to working conditions, the working environment, etc. After each audit we collate the results in a report that specifies the areas in which improvements are needed and a deadline is set for the supplier to submit an action plan. The auditors then visit the factories to follow up whether these actions have been taken. H&M also supports suppliers’ improvement work through training and projects of various kinds. Read more about our Code of Conduct follow-up.

Will my H&M garments shrink?

H&M accept a shrinkage of up to 3% for woven garments and 5% for knits/ jerseys. To avoid shrinkage, certain items might need ironing after washes, to regain their original shape and fit. If needed, this will always be mentioned on the care label.

Are my credit card details and personal information safe?

H&M guarantees that your details are completely safe with us. All information is sent encrypted to ensure total security of any sensitive information. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Are hazardous or allergenic substances being used in your production methods?

H&M bans the use of hazardous and environmentally damaging substances thoughout all production processes. All H&M suppliers commit to comply with our requirements and are educated in how to run production to our standards. Regular controls and inspections are also conducted to ensure your safety.

Do I need to wash my H&M clothes before wearing them for the first time?

As hazardous chemicals are banned thoughout our production, washing before wearing is not neccessary.

How can I add a discount on my order?

If you received a discount code from H&M you can enter this code at the checkout page.. The field for the discount code is located on the right side above the purchased items.

Versendet H&M Zahlungserinnerungen per E-Mail?

Is my ski jacket from H&M waterproof?

H&M has three levels of functional garments with water repellent properties. Information will be found on the label.

Waterproof: The fabric is waterproof (>2000mm H₂O) and has sealed seams. Suitable for heavy rain conditions.

Water resistant: The fabric is waterproof (>1500mm H₂O) and has folded seams. Suitable for rainy or snowy conditions.

Water repellent: The fabric's surface has been treated to repel water. Suitable for light rain.

Can I exchange or return underwear and swimwear purchased online?

The same cancellation rights apply to swimwear and underwear. Just make sure the items are unworn and in their original condition.

An item added to my shopping bag was suddenly sold out at checkout. How is this possible?

The item is only reserved once your purchase is completed in the checkout. If an item is very popular, it might be available when you place it in your shopping bag, but sold out once you reach the checkout. An item added to your shopping bag is saved for 7 days, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

How do I return or exchange an item purchased online?

You have 30 days to decide if an item is right for you. H&M will refund or exchange an item, provided that it has not been damaged, soiled, washed, altered or worn and that all labels and tags are attached. Cosmetics and underwear/swimwear bottoms are final sale for hygienic reasons.

We are happy to accept returns/exchanges in store. (Please note, for online purchases, exchanges can only be made in store.)

Just bring the item(s) you wish to exchange to any US H&M store, except Puerto Rico. Make sure you also bring the Packing Slip and the credit or debit card you used for your purchase. Returns in store are always free!

Your package contains a Packing Slip with everything you need to make a return. This includes a Return Form, which must accompany your return.

The easiest way to return by mail is via USPS, using the self-adhesive return label found on your Packing Slip. This label is pre-paid and pre-addressed, and the return shipping fee of $5.99 will automatically be deducted from your refund. If you have used or lost the pre-paid return label or the Return Form, please contact Customer Service TOLL-FREE at 855- HNM SHOP (855-466-7467). You can also print a new return form here.

If you do not wish to use the pre-paid return label, we recommend that all returns be sent with a traceable carrier such as USPS, UPS or FedEx. Keep the Return Tracking Number from the package you are returning to ensure that the package is returned to our warehouse. H&M is not responsible for packages sent with a return label not provided by H&M. H&M does not accept C.O.D. deliveries.

Is it possible to buy clothes produced with a limited environmental impact at a reasonable price?

H&M’s business concept is to offer fashion and quality at the best price. We achieve this by buying directly from the manufacturers, utilizing efficient logistics and operating our own stores – not by compromising on our sustainability requirements. We are also cost-conscious at every stage of the production process, and the fact is that a cheaper mode of transport – for example, by ship – creates lower carbon dioxide emissions than more expensive means of transport, such as aircraft.

We make efforts to support our suppliers so that production takes into consideration the health of customers and workers and the environment. All suppliers with wet processes such as dyeing or washing are required to treat their wastewater. Wastewater quality in our supply chain must meet quality levels defined by the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Water Group or relevant local laws, whichever are stricter. These requirements form part of our supplier audit program.

Furthermore, we restrict the use of hazardous chemicals via our restrictions list, compliance with which all suppliers are contractually bound. Our Chemical Restrictions list has been continually updated since 1995 and was most recently updated in 2013. In 2013 we also introduced our first "positive lists" to help our suppliers choose chemical products that comply with our restrictions.

So, in H&M’s opinion, there is no conflict of interest between reasonable prices and a low impact on the environment.

What is the OCR number or the Customer Reference Number of my invoice?

The OCR number is the 9 digit number also used as your Customer Reference Number.

What is H&M's policy regarding fur and leather products?

H&M does not sell real fur. H&M only sells leather from sheep, pigs, goats and cattle that have been bred for meat production, not just for their skin. No other leather is permitted in products sold by H&M.

Are H&M cosmetics tested on animals?

No animal testing is carried out on our cosmetics products either during production or on the finished products.

I have returned items which are still listed on my invoice. What should I do?

Can I wash at a lower temperature than recommended on the care label?

The highest recommended washing temperature is stated on the garment's label. You can, of course, choose a lower temperature to save energy. However, heavily soiled clothes might require the higher temperature.

How long does Standard Delivery take?

Standard orders should be delivered within 3 to 5 business days following order confirmation. Please allow up to 2 additional days for rural zip codes.

Shipping is available within the US and standard orders can be delivered to P.O. boxes.

We also ship standard orders to US Territories, Alaska, Hawaii and APO/FPO/DPO addresses, which requires additional time for delivery and may be subject to delivery restrictions based on the item type, weight and size.

During high season and sale, delivery might take a little longer.

Can wire bras be machine washed?

We always recommend hand washing for wire bras, as machine washing could cause the wire to separate and damage the machine.

Do H&M sunglasses come with UV-protection?

Yes, all H&M sunglasses have a special UV filter which locks out all UV radiations (UVA and UVB).

What is H&M doing to make cotton production more sustainable?

H&M works constantly to improve the conditions in cotton farming. One of the ways we do this is through our active involvement in the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), of which we are steering committee members. BCI's vision is to enable millions of farmers around the world to grow cotton in a way that is more beneficial for both the farming community and the environment. Read more about BCI.

H&M also offers clothes made with organic cotton. The cotton used in these clothes is 100% organically grown and certified by independent certification bodies such as the Control Union or IMO. We also incorporate organic cotton into some of our children’s and babies’ clothing. We continue to encourage cotton farmers that there is a demand for organic cotton and encourage them to switch from conventional to organic production. Today H&M is one of the biggest buyers of organic cotton in the world. Read more about certification of organic cotton.

How can H&M ensure that H&M products are free from harmful chemicals?

The health and safety of our customers are naturally of highest priority. We work actively to restrict the use of chemicals. Our restrictions are some of the most stringent in the industry and often go well beyond legislative demands. All suppliers making products for H&M are contractually bound to comply with our restrictions list.

We apply the precautionary principle. This means that we are proactive in restricting chemicals, even if there is still scientific uncertainty about whether or not they are harmful. We regularly conduct tests – both our own and via third parties – on our products to ensure that they do not contain harmful chemicals. In 2013 H&M banned perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) from all of our products. We are also part of the Roadmap to Zero, as part of which we strive to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.

What is "Organic Cotton"?

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals or artificial fertilizers, which makes it better for the environment and for the growers. The organic cotton used for H&M's range comes from India, China and Turkey, and is certified by Control Union and IMO. Our chemical restrictions apply to our entire range, including garments made with organic cotton. Learn more about organic cotton at www.organicexchange.org.

Why should I create a user profile at H&M?

Before placing an order, you need to create a user profile. When you log in to your user profile, your personal details are already stored so that you don't have to enter them again when placing a new order. You also have access to My H&M, where you can get a full overview of your profile, pending orders, order history, shipping and payment details.

How can I find out more about H&M?

You will find general information, production details and the H&M Code of Conduct here.

If you are interested in financial information, please check under Investor Relations. From there, you will be able to download annual reports as well as the latest financial summaries. If you have further questions, please contact H&M’s press department in your specific country. You will find names and email addresses here.

Why does H&M have its own auditors?

By conducting audits ourselves, we immediately get a comprehensive picture of how well our suppliers comply with our social and environmental requirements, and integrating sustainability work into our day-to-day operations is a key priority at H&M. When choosing suppliers, our auditors conduct an in-depth audit. They have the mandate to make the final decision about whether a supplier or individual factory fulfills H&M’s minimum requirements.

Only after being approved by our auditors may orders be placed with a factory. All factories that are approved in this initial assessment are covered by our Full Audit Program (FAP). Through the FAP we continuously monitor the progress made by each factory and work to remediate any non-compliance that might arise. In the event of non-compliance, the supplier is required to draft a remediation plan that we then monitor closely. Wherever needed, we provide or facilitate additional support in implementing this plan.

Additional independent verification audits conducted by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) ensure the quality of our audit program and help us to constantly improve our methods. This is important as we strive to tackle the root causes of non-compliance in a transparent, trustworthy and sustainable manner. In addition, participating in the FLA provides good opportunities to cooperate with other companies and the FLA’s partner organizations with the aim of improving working standards in our supply chain.

How do I cancel or edit a placed order?

Log into My H&M and select "Pending Orders". Here, you can edit or cancel pending orders that haven't been processed yet.

How can H&M keep their prices so affordable?

We buy large quantities of the same garments directly from the supplier, with few middlemen, and sell the garments in our own stores. H&M has considerable experience in the textile industry and a thorough knowledge of which goods to buy from which markets. In addition, we have invested considerably in a fast and cost-efficient distribution system. H&M is also permeated by cost-consciousness at every level, allowing us to offer goods to our customers at the very best prices possible.

How do you ensure that child labor does not occur during production?

H&M’s auditors carry out regular checks to ensure that there are no underage workers in the factories. The occurrence of child labor at H&M's suppliers or their subcontractors is very rare. Should it occur, H&M requires that the supplier take immediate action and, together with H&M and the family, find a solution that is in the best interests of the child. An investigation is then carried out to determine how to best resolve the situation based on the child’s interests.

On many occasions, the solution involves the supplier making financial contributions so that the child can receive an education while compensating the family for the loss of income. If H&M discovers that a supplier – or one of its subcontractors – repeatedly breaches H&M’s ban on child labor, H&M terminates the partnership.

Since 2004 we have been working with UNICEF to protect the rights of some of the poorest children in the world. Today, we reach more than 2 million children and the adults around them in two projects in India and Bangladesh called All for Children. Twenty-five percent of the sales price of our annual All for Children collection and additional donations from H&M fund these projects with contributions totaling around USD 12.5 million to date.

How can you guarantee merino wool products are mulesing-free?

Animal welfare is important to H&M and it does not accept the mistreatment of animals. We distance ourselves from mulesing and only buy from suppliers that guarantee mulesing-free merino wool.

What are the shipping and handling costs?

We offer free shipping on all Standard orders of $40 or more with code 0040, regardless of the size and weight of your package. For Standard orders under $40 there is a flat rate shipping fee of $5.99.

We also offer Next Day Delivery for $24.99.

How do I know where my H&M items were produced?

All products in H&M’s range have the country of origin stated on the label.

Why are the wages of factory workers so low?

We agree that the wages in some production countries are low. And it has always been our vision that all textile workers should be able to live on their wage. This is also stated in our Code of Conduct.

In November 2013 we developed a new roadmap based on our vision: a fair living wage covering workers’ basic needs should be paid by all our commercial goods suppliers. One important part of this roadmap is that it should be supported by H&M’s purchasing practices. Another is that the workforce should be skilled, and the wages should be negotiated and annually reviewed with the involvement of democratically elected trade unions or worker representatives. Thus, this roadmap provides workers with the tools needed to negotiate their own wage, and we support this process.

It is important to remember that H&M neither owns nor operates the factories that make its products. H&M does not set or pay the factory employees’ wages. Nonetheless, we still have a considerable responsibility to remain engaged in every possible way and to promote higher wages in production countries. Through our holistic wage strategy, we aim to contribute to positive long-term development and higher wages for the factory workers.

How do I create a profile at hm.com?

You can easily create your own H&M profile by creating a username and password. We recommend that you use your email address as your username, to make it easy to remember. Please make sure that your password is at least 6 characters.

I forgot my password / username - can you help me?

If you forgot your password, just click the "Forgot password" link and we will send you an automated email with information on how to reset your password. A forgotten username can be retrieved directly via email.

How do I pay my Payment Slip in Parcel, H&M Monthly bill or Monthly Instalment invoice?

Where can I find more information about working at H&M?

You can find all the information you need about working at H&M, on our career site.

Where can I purchase H&M Gift Cards?

Gift Cards can be purchased at any H&M location and select retailers across the US. They are not yet available for purchase or redeemable online.

Read all about our Gift Cards.

How do I wash knitted wool garments?

Make sure you follow the care instructions on the label. If your washing machine has a wool program, use this. If hand washed, remember to carefully squeeze any extra water out of the garment. Reshape the garment after wash and dry flat for optimal care.

How do I choose my right size at H&M?

An easy way to calculate your size is to use our Size Guide, found here. Please note that same size garments may still vary depending on fit. H&M follow the standard body measurement lists, based on average body measurements for all sizes.

Does H&M’s jewellery and other metal details release nickel?

H&M applies the limit for nickel that is developed /set with concern for users. Frequent tests are done to assure that the limit is not exceeded.

What is Guest Checkout?

Guest Checkout allows customers to make purchases on hm.com without having to create an account. To use Guest Checkout, simply add your selected items to the shopping bag and click checkout. You will still need to enter your shipping address and payment details to complete the purchase.


You can check online if an item is available in an H&M store. Find the item on  hm.com and select it. On the product details page, you simply click the  “Find in Store” button, choose your location, and you´ll get a list of H&M stores  carrying your item. Keep in mind that our items sell out quickly, and that the  stock level is just an estimate. Prices online may also differ from the stores.