How to go a week without shampoo

Washing your hair too often can do more harm than good. This day-by-day guide will inspire you to ditch your shampoo and still look fabulous.
June 23, 2017

If Kim Kardashian can go five days without washing her hair, so can we. We even decided to throw in an extra couple of days, just for fun. J/K – washing your hair only once a week is hard. Especially when you have fine hair that greases easily. But you can do it! You just have to be smart about it. And voilà, hair stylist Eric Jamieson created seven inspirational hairstyles, one for each day of the week. 


Our hair week starts on a Thursday, which is the ultimate hair-washing day. We love this natural, simple look. Choose one nice moisturising product and blow-dry your hair. Skip the brush and use your hands instead.  

”Embrace the natural curves and bends in your hair”, says hair stylist Eric Jamieson.


Day two, your hair is still fresh and nice – but you want something slightly more exciting for Friday night. Using a bigger thong, we created these soft waves.

”The key is not to leave the hair on the iron for too long, you only want a bit of a bend”, says Eric Jamieson.


On Saturday, you want to switch it up. By now, your hair has got a nice texture in itself and is easier to play around with. For this look, Jamieson used two hair ties – he created little bubbles of hair and just tied them together. Use a little bit of wax for grip and some hairspray for hold. 


By this point, you probably want to tie your hair up in some way, but you still like the texture it has got from not being washed. A half-bun is the perfect solution. 

”I’m seeing this look a lot right now. It’s not too fussy – just tie some of your hair in a bun and leave some strands out for effect.”


Monday means business. Do a really tight and clean ponytail, using a lot of hairspray, but give the look some edge by messing up the tail a bit. 

”Use some salt water cream in the tail to get a bit of a grip”, says Eric Jamieson.


This is about when you don’t want people to see how greasy your hair’s become. Cue braids. They are a nice way to hide your dirty hair, and they also look nice when they’re shiny, so the day five grease actually helps.

”We did two corn row braids, one on each side of the head and then pinned them up at the back”, says Jamieson.


Come Wednesday, there is no turning back. Take advantage of that oily hair and use it to create a trendy wetlook.

”Use a water spray and move the hair around with your hands until you find a nice and natural shape. Add a serum for some extra shine.”

Stylist Eric Jamieson at work.

PHOTO: Emma Svensson

HAIR: Eric Jamieson/Bridge Artists

MAKEUP: Sandra Wannerstedt/Mikas Looks

MODEL: Stina Olsson/Nisch Management