Role Models x H&M

Role Models x H&M

The ones we’ve been waiting for are already here

They can’t drive, vote or tweet. But they will change the planet. Or even find new ones. We’re shining a spotlight on the people making the world a better place: the kids. These are the Role Models. In this film, you’ll meet a few of them, helping us rethink who we look to for hope.

Meet the new Role Models

Age doesn’t make a role model. You’re never too little to dream big and change the world. It’s time to get inspired.

Role Models x H&M

Ryan from California started recycling eight years ago, when he was only three years old. Today, the sixth grader runs his own recycling business.

Role Models x H&M

Tegan from Alberton is the inspiration behind the Magic Ears Foundation, which raises funds for underprivileged children in South Africa.

Role Models x H&M

At just thirteen, Catarina from Bahia, advocates for change in her native Brazil. Witnessing the destruction of the Amazon rainforest keeps her focused on her goal: to make a difference.

Role Models x H&M
Role Models x H&M

Our passion for progress

Embracing diversity and equality is part of the H&M brand DNA. We were the first to revolutionise the fashion industry by democratizing high-end garments, making them accessible and affordable to the public. Now, we’re setting industry standards by making more sustainable fashion available to all, starting with those who will inherit the future.

Role Models x H&M
Role Models x H&M
Role Models x H&M

If you're doing wonderful things too or if you know an inspiring kid, it's time to join up. In order to nominate someone you need to be over 18 years old. Please provide us with the details below:

• Name of role model
• Age of role model
• The city that the role model lives in
• A short description of what they do that makes them a role model
• Do they have any advise for grown ups?
• What title would you give the role model (examples: activist, explorer, recycler, artist or simply hero)?
• A photo of the role model in action (this is optional)

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Role Models x H&M