Introducing H&M Conscious beauty

What is better than wonderfully luxurious beauty products? Why, sustainably produced luxurious beauty products that are also organic of course.
7 March 2016

With the new beauty collection, H&M takes a perfectly logical step in the great world of body and hair care. Since H&M already offers conscious choices with the fashion collections it makes perfect sense to offer a conscious beauty collection as well.

”We really wanted to create an irresistible assortment since there is nothing less sustainable than a product nobody wants”, says Beauty Concept Designer Sara Wallander.

Consisting of almost 30 products ranging from dry shampoo and tinted lip balm to aluminium-free deodorant, all products are made with certified organic ingredients. And oh, all the sleek, minimalist packaging is recyclable as well (the plastic containers are made from recycled plastic, of course). 

”Nothing can be truly innovative without taking sustainability into consideration”, says Sara Wallander. 

Among the star products are face masks with indulging and beneficial ingredients and beautifully tinted lip balms (which come in five different flavours: blueberry, vanilla, lemon, ginger and raspberry). The hand salves come in perfect handbag sizes for that on-the-go use and the new, innovative hair oil that is used before shampooing aims to change the game of hair washing completely.

Organic products can mean different things. In this case it means Ecocert-approved with organic certification from an internationally recognized independent body. The Ecocert seal of approval means the products meet the highest standards and that the products must have at least 95% of the total ingredients from natural origin and at least 10% of the total ingredients from organic farming. 

The body care selection, which is the category most of the products in the conscious beauty range fall into, comes in two fragrances. Choosing between the Vitalising series with crisp, uplifting tangerine, grape and lime or the Relaxing series fragranced with soothing lavender, vetiver and rosemary may be a tough one. Both are aromatherapy-based, fragranced with natural oils and completely unisex. Choosing between good things is always difficult but with the H&M conscious beauty range, it is at least easier to make a conscious choice that does good. 


We asked Concept Designer Sara Wallander to share her top H&M Conscious beauty products. 

    ”The scent is as fresh as it is uplifting. And the packaging spreads a little joy on every sink.”
    ”Not only are they perfectly sized but these heavy duty moisturisers are wonderfully scented with natural oils as well.”
    ”A reliable dry shampoo is the perfect cure to a stressful morning. And this one can be used with a great conscience too!”
    ”They have everything going for them – great colour, scent and packaging. Which, naturally, makes them irresistible.”
    ”It’s hard to pick just the one. Both oils have great aromatherapeutic abilities and benefits. And they absorb quickly without stickiness, which really is all you can ask for in a great body oil.”