Trend alert: Water Colour Makeup

Because your face is a work of art. 
May 2, 2018

Prep your lips by giving them a scrub and applying som lip balm. This will make a great base for a creamy and dewy lip colour. Keep the rest of your face as bare as you feel comfortable with. We prefer the base to be sheer and natural enough for freckles to shine through.

Get a creamy lipstick in a pink shade – like La Vie En Rose or Punkster Pink. Or why not pick your favourite from this lip and cheek palette? Don’t apply the lip colour straight from the bullet – use your finger to dab it onto your lip. If the contour still looks too harsh, use a clean finger to soften the outlines by running your finger along the edge of your lip.

Apply an eyeshadow orange-yellow shade – like Tumeric – in the centre part of your eyelid. Then apply a pink shade – we used Kobai Azalea – in the outer corners of your eyelids. Bring it out towards the temples and up towards the brow. If you dare, add some colour in the inner corner of your eye too, up towards the brow.

Use the fluid eyeshadow Scintillating Eye Color in Au My Gosh and layer it – using your finger to dab – all over the yellow eyeshadow for some extra shimmer.

This is a simple but strong look! Use a bigger eyeshadow brush to apply a turquoise shadow – like Paradise Found all over your eyelid and all the way up to the brow. To complete the look, add a bit of Gossamer Lip Stain in Have A Heart to your lips.