Gift guide: Vanelli Melli proves surprises are always on-trend

The season's greatest gift should be devoted to the most important person of all. Who that is? You – of course!
December 8, 2017

In a time when we all curate our lives, it's become an art of its own to do it really, really well. While we all nurture and arrange our Spotify libraries, pluck photos and works of art from the Internet and assemble Tumblr pages and Pinterest collages, all the while capturing our lives golden (and let's face it, not so golden) moments and sharing them all on Instagram, the 22-year-old blogger and creative Vanelli Melli excels at it.

The Berlin babe explores the world and documents all of her adventures on 35-millimetre film, leaving the most of us eagerly awaiting new posts to envy and draw inspiration from.

To get inspiration on what to put on our holiday wish lists, H&M Magazine and director Wendy McColm asked Mel to select and wrap her favourite items from H&M's holiday collections in a decked-out Brooklyn brownstone.

Press play to see what to give your favourite person, and scroll down to find Mel's top picks for the festive season.


AGE: 22

DOES: Creative things

LIVES IN: Berlin

INSTAGRAM: @vanellimelli




DOP Ethan Palmer


SET DESIGNER Daryl McGregor | Lalaland

STYLIST Ellen Pålsson Norberg

HAIR Rudy Martins | The Wall Group

MAKEUP Maki H | The Wall Group