How To Bring Your Up Dog Down

This pose targets calves, hamstrings, back, neck, arms and shoulders – and will make your body (and mind) ready for movement.
May 19, 2016


Fitness expert, H&M Sport ambassador and H&M Magazine personal trainer Amanda Bisk shows you how to go from upward facing dog (the pose in step two) to downward facing dog (step three) in three simple steps. 

Try to go through all steps in one movement – one flow.

Lay flat down on the ground with your body kept tight (meaning: try to pull your belly button through to your spine). 

Tuck your elbows into your sides and place your palms on the ground beside you. 

Slowly begin to press your palms (put pressure on your fingertips) into the ground while straightening your elbows and guiding your shoulders up and back. Keep your head up. 

When your arms are fully extended and your upper body is elevated, squeeze your bottom to support your lower back. Now pull your shoulders down but keep them back. Keep your neck long and lift your head up to the sky to increase the stretch.

Hold this position for five long and deep breaths. 

Bring your hips up and back while having placed your feet hip-width apart. Press your heels into the ground and raise your sitting bone to the sky. 

In the same movement, your hands should be placed flat on the ground with your fingers spread wide. Grip onto the ground to take the pressure off your wrists. Press through your hands to keep your body strong and turn your armpits towards each other so your upper back becomes as broad as possible.

Hold the position for five long deep breaths. 

To continue the flow and return to starting position – slowly guide your shoulders forward and bend your elbows.


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