Caring for your cotton


Cotton withstands most and can be washed, dried and heated without too much worry.

How to:
Keep light garments bright by pre-treating stains in areas such as under arms, necklines and cuffs. But avoid bleach, it’s tough on the fabric and bad for the environment. Instead, try lemon juice (for stains) or vinegar (gets rid of smell).

The care label tells you how to best keep your favourites safe from harm, make sure you read it. Please consider the environment when washing – colder water saves energy.

Stains from food


Always pour water on a stain from the back. That way you will rinse away any traces of marmalade/tomato sauce/apple pie. Hot water, swift hand and some serious dabbing works on most stains. Persistent stains? Here’s help!

You need:
A lemon and possibly liquid detergent.

How to:
Turn to your household friend the lemon. Wet the stain with cold water, rub it with a piece of juicy lemon, rinse off, dry and repeat until satisfied.

Still not good? Dab a little liquid detergent on the stain before you wash it and let it sit for a while. Hang dry only, bonus if the sun comes out to work its magic.

Always read the care label thoroughly before treating any stains. Make sure that the treatment won’t damage the fabric by testing a small amount somewhere less visible.