Refresh your whites

Here’s a sweet-smelling old-school tip for all those once-whites, that are now looking a little dull.

You need:
Formerly white clothes and a few lemons.

How To:
Forget about bleach. It’s bad for the environment and does in fact turn some fabrics yellow. Soak your garments in warm water and lemon juice overnight. Or you can add a cup of lemon juice into the fabric softener compartment, next time you wash whites. Wash as usual and then hang to dry, fingers crossed for sunshine.

Always read the care label thoroughly before treating any stains. Make sure that the treatment won’t damage the fabric by testing a small amount somewhere less visible.

Caring for your cotton


Cotton withstands most and can be washed, dried and heated without too much worry.

How to:
Keep light garments bright by pre-treating stains in areas such as under arms, necklines and cuffs. But avoid bleach, it’s tough on the fabric and bad for the environment. Instead, try lemon juice (for stains) or vinegar (gets rid of smell).

The care label tells you how to best keep your favourites safe from harm, make sure you read it. Please consider the environment when washing – colder water saves energy.