Drying wool

Never put a knit in the dryer!

You need:
A knit and two towels.

How to:
After carefully washing your wool, wrap it in a towel and gently press out any excess water. Lay flat to dry on the dry towel. Don’t wring it, it harms the fibres and your sweater could lose its shape.

PS. Wet wool has a special smell, but once dry the smell will be gone.

The care label tells you how to best keep your favourites safe from harm, make sure you read it. Please consider the environment when washing – colder water saves energy.

Pilling pro tip


Knitted favourites tend to be prone to pilling, unfortunately.

You need:
A freezer.

How to:
Put your knits in the freezer overnight. It helps a little. Toss cashmere- and wool in there a few minutes before each wear.