Camille Roche in the only white shirt you’ll ever need

The most perfect white shirt will be your eternal wardrobe hero. Wear it like French beauty Camille Roche, with a pair of straight and simple jeans in a classic wash.
September 29, 2017

Camille Roche is a ray of light. Even under the grey New York sky, a light drizzle ruining the afternoon, Camille is radiant. Dressed in an understated look: a simple white shirt and a classic pair of denims, she still turns heads. 

”I don’t like accessorising, so my clothes have to be perfect,” she says. 

Always too skinny, too tall and ”the only girl in school with no boobs”, Parisienne Camille Roche didn’t consider herself pretty growing up. Instead of pursuing modelling, she went to medical school to become a doctor.

”I wanted to help people, and medicine seemed interesting. But it wasn’t me. It felt important to finish school, but medicine just wasn’t my calling.” 

Fashion, however, seems to be. Camille describes herself as ‘addicted’ – every minute on set she spends soaking up inspiration from the people around her. 

”I’m impressed with artistic people, who create.  Modelling is such a great opportunity to work alongside photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists…” 

I don’t like accessorising, so my clothes have to be perfect.
Camille Roche

”Once or twice a week I do an oil bath with coconut oil. I leave it in overnight and then wash my hair with an algae shampoo in the morning. Sometimes I do a mask with honey and aloe vera. I don’t comb it very often.”

”A good cut. I’m so tall, and if something is badly cut it doesn’t fit me. I either like very complicated and intricate pieces, or just really simple things – like a white shirt. I love when you put something on and feel you don’t need any more, you’re good. Sometimes you don’t need to put on a show to be perfect.”


In a series on this season’s Premium Essentials – wardrobe must-haves meant to last a lifetime – we have photographed five women who all are our muse of the season, each of them wearing an essential piece we can’t live without in AW17. Click here to see actress and screenwriter Coco Baudelle in this season’s dream coat. 

The shirt and jeans Camille is wearing are part of the Premium Essentials Capsule collection, launching exclusively online October 5.


Creating the perfect white shirt, designer Chatarina Forseth and team paid a lot of attention to details. ”Everything has be right. French seams, tight-weave poplin and mother-of-pearl buttons – we wanted everything to feel premium.”

This Premium Essentials shirt will never go out of style, but it feels extra modern this season, thanks to the slightly looser fit. 

”The cut and fit is super important. It should feel relaxed and comfortable, but still crispy with a certain substance to it. Give me a perfect shirt, and I will never grow tired of it. It’s the wardrobe essential that never goes out of style,” says Chatarina Forseth. 

Give me a perfect shirt, and I will never grow tired of it.
Designer Chatarina Forseth


WHAT: Model, physician, actress

WHERE: Paris/New York 

FAVOURITE PARIS SPOT: Lenôtre, the classic French patisserie. ”The chocolate macarons are heaven! I miss my French pastries so much when I’m in New York.”

INSTAGRAM: @cams_roche


PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandra Nataf | Bridge Artists

STYLIST: Ilona Hamer | Bridge Artists

HAIR: Conrad Dornan | Bridge Artists

MAKEUP: Chiho Omae | Frank Reps

MODEL: Camille Roche | MP Paris