Card Payment


* For more information about card purchases please read about 3d Secure and our Privacy Policy.

** If the credit card transaction is approved, the amount will be reserved immediately and you will receive an order confirmation to your email. Your card will be debited when we ship your order. If you return any items the balance will then be refunded onto your card. Note: When requesting to exchange items paid for by card, you will first be credited for the returned items and then debited for the exchange items. If the credit card transaction is not approved your order will be cancelled. Please contact your bank or card provider if you have any questions about this.


Monthly instalments


Instalments allow you to split your payments over a period of 11-13 months. Your monthly instalment amount due will be shown on the payment slip that you receive with your statement each month. Interest is based on a yearly rate of 17.9% APR.

Click here to read a representative example and the pre-contract credit information.

When you apply for payment slip in parcel, monthly invoice or instalments H&M reserves the right to perform a credit search on you and reject it if it shows a negative result. We also reserve the right to restrict your limit based on what your credit check shows. If payment is not made by the due date each month we will charge you £7 for each payment reminder letter we send to you and a further £12 for a notice of default.


Monthly Invoice


All purchases and possible returns made in one month are added to an invoice which you will receive in the middle of the following month. The invoice, which includes a fee of £1.25, is due at the end of the month. It includes a payment slip for you to make your payment.


Payment slip in parcel