Do I pay more if I take my payment breaks?

Yes – interest continues to accrue at the agreed APR rate of 17.90% during your payment free months so you will pay slightly more.

What happens if I do not pay?

You will be charged £7 per each notice we send to you. We will send one notice per month which is a reminder asking you to catch up with your payments. Default notice is currently charged at £12. If you do not make a payment we reserve the right to sell the debt to a debt purchasing company who will collect the balance.

What happens if I lose my credit agreement?

You have the right, under section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, to request a copy of your agreement or statement.

I am about to ask for credit but I do not agree with all of the terms

You have the right to negotiate terms, if you wish to do so simply write to us or call us on 03 44 736 9000 (calls from a UK landline will be at the basic national call rate-mobiles may vary, please check with your provider).

Does non-payment harm my credit file?

Yes – if you do not pay we will file a default on your credit file.

What does open-ended credit agreement mean?

It means you can continue to use the credit once you have paid it off. This acts like a credit card, you can shop right up to your credit limit and when you have paid off some of your balance you can immediately use that to buy more goods.

Your advert says I can pay off in eleven to thirteen months, why does it change?

You pay in instalments, these are calculated over an 11 payments, however, H&M allows you to have a payment break after four consecutive payments (as long as you pay at least the minimum amount). Therefore if you select to use both of your payment free months the credit lasts for 13 months.

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