This is how you master the sun salutation

Make sure you get the basics right – let our favourite yogi Patrick Beach guide you through it.
August 26, 2016


STEP 1  
Start by standing at the top of your mat (or your practice space). Lift your arms up to the sky and your chest up towards the base of your wrists. Fold down, with your chest dropping towards your ankles and let your hands touch the ground. Bend your knees if you need to. Inhale to halfway lift – lift your chest away from the floor. Extend the neck long.

Exhale, put your hands to the floor and then step back to the bottom of a push-up, also known as chaturanga. Keep your elbows bent.

Inhale to upward facing dog. Arms straightened, roll onto the tops of your feet. Press the hips forward. Exhale and roll back to downward facing dog. Take anywhere from two to five breaths in downward facing dog position. 

Make a commitment to keeping your arms straight. Bend your knees, lift and gently hop to the top of your mat. Try to land your feet as gently as possible. If it takes two hops, that’s okay. Jumping forward is the hardest part. You have to keep your arms straight, exhale and try to move the hips over the shoulders. When the hips shift over the shoulders, you’ll feel a lot lighter. But that takes courage, and you have to find that body awareness. Just keep practicing! 

Inhale to halfway lift, extend the chest just like you did before – exhale and fall back down, dropping your heart towards your feet. Allow a moment of mindfulness and awareness. Inhale and lift your arms up to the sky. Let your chest follow your hands, exhale and bring your hands to your heart’s centre. 


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