Gift Guide: What to give yourself

Coco Baudelle has made her list and checked it twice. Who can blame her for wanting to keep a few things for herself?
December 21, 2017

Although carefully selecting presents for the people we care about is fun and rewarding, it can also cause stress and some major shopping-related anguish. That's why – to keep the holiday spirit on top – it's important to treat yourself every once in a while, too.  

Actor and screenwriter Coco Baudelle is a vision. The New York-based Montréal native loves the holidays (perhaps a little bit too much?) and can't keep her hands off the presents she is supposed to give Barbie Ferreira, Vanelli Melli, Anajah Hamilton and Gabrielle Richardson

To get inspiration on what to put on our holiday wish lists, H&M Magazine and director Wendy McColm invited Coco Baudelle and a cast of smart, stunning and very festive girls to show us their favourite items from H&M's holiday collections. 

Press play to see what to give yourself, and scroll down to find Coco's top picks from H&M Home and H&M Beauty.


DOES: Actor and screenwriter

LIVES IN: New York

INSTAGRAM: @cocobaudelle




DOP Ethan Palmer 


SET DESIGNER Daryl McGregor | Lalaland

STYLIST Ellen Pålsson Norberg

HAIR Rudy Martins | The Wall Group

MAKEUP Maki H | The Wall Group