How To Backflip

Belts on! Amanda Bisk shows you her favourite exercise – and tells you what you need to know before attempting it yourself.
26 May 2016


The backflip, also known as the salto or somi, is the most advanced exercise we'll show you in this series of weekly workout exercises. Actually, we won't even go into detail on how you do it, because you shouldn't do it without supervision unless you're an experienced acrobat or gymnast. Our H&M Magazine personal trainer and H&M Sport ambassador Amanda Bisk is both of the former – and loves flipping backwards. Here is what to know before doing it.

To start with, the move requires good balance of coordination, explosiveness and flexibility. Since you're going backwards in a blind movement, it can be scary not to see where you're going when you're first learning it. This said: you also need courage. 

Despite disclaimers, the backflip is, once you know what to do, a safe and exhilarating exercise because it uses momentum from a strong jump – which will make it feel natural when your performing it. 

The move requires a good balance of coordination, explosiveness, flexibility, and courage. 


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