Your summer horoscope – and your beauty forecast!

Thinking of getting your hair cut for the summer? You better check in with the stars first. We give you the lowdown on summer romances, career highs and must-try beauty trends.
9 June 2016
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Focus, Aries! This summer's stars put a special emphasis on wellness and work—a chance to get your life and fitness humming like a well-oiled machine. Your ruler, fiery Mars, is taking a nap until 29 June, which could make you a little emo and intense. Work it out at the gym and keep things low-key, perhaps channelling your energy into a creative project or a decluttering spree. The heat rises in your love life this July, as the stars steam up the most passionate zones of your chart. A new romantic chapter could even begin at the 2 August Leo new moon, also a great day to debut a head-turning new look.

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: Au natural is your best aura. Welcome summer with a fresh-faced, peachy glow—think: minimal makeup in sheer textures. Try out cruelty-free and organic product lines.


Love is in the air, but June could have a few bumpy moments, as you swing between duelling desires to feel connected and explore your options. An ex or hard-to-read person could also give mixed signals. Skip the anxiety and wait: the chemistry heats up with a new person in July and August. Coupled Tauruses can turn a new page now, too, especially if you travel. In fact, a vacation romance could also ignite near 26 June. Watch out for jealous or sabotaging friends this summer—distance yourself from their drama instead of getting dragged into it. While you might not feel too focused on work until late summer, don't worry: Your #goals get a boost from the ambitious 18 August full moon.

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: Swap your understated look for head-turning trends: bold lashes, nail art, even the stencilled hair-dye trend making a splash on Instagram. Taurus rules the neck and throat so flatter yours with a choker.


You're normally the life of the party, but this summer awakens an unusual homebody streak. Make the most of it by visiting loved ones, crashing at friends' beach houses and cabins, and curling up with a stack of reading material. At the very least, you'll want to hang out with a closer, more tight-knit crew. Your mum or an inspiring female could also play into events. Watch your stress levels in June—pushing yourself too hard could lead to a summer cold or flu, which is the last thing you need. In July, you're motivated to go clean and green, as energiser Mars sparks a health kick, along with a search for meaningful work and hobbies. The 4 July Cancer new moon could kick off a lucky money cycle. In August, a relationship heats up with a special someone—or you could feel renewed chemistry with your current love. A romantic vacation à deux could turn up the heat even more near the 18 August Aquarius full moon.

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: Dewy, soft and feminine is your M.O. this summer. You could lead the backlash against over-contoured faces and try the "nontouring" trend. 


Mix it up, Cancer! You tend to hit up your regular hangouts, but with adventurous Jupiter in your social sector all summer, exploring new local spots, festivals or DIY hobbies will inspire. Your love life could get dramatic in June (possibly because of an ex), but July makes up for it with some spicy action courtesy of red-hot Mars—with some extra fireworks at the 4 July Cancer new moon. You've got the It factor until 2 August, so work it! One person could rise above the other contenders; a relationship could get official (or end) at the 19 July full moon. August stars emphasise work and health, so be sure to play hard in July before the vibes turn serious. You'll be ready to get an early start on your autumn ambitions and fitness plans. 

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: Go for a funky and eclectic look: iridescent liners (in blue or violet), two-toned eye makeup. Take your cues from street style blogs and feeds…or start your own!


Who's the #boss? With lucky Jupiter in your financial zone until September, this is your year to explore career options, build your own platform or make that money with a lucrative summer gig. On 26 June, a rare Jupiter-Pluto meetup could bring a big payout or a golden work opportunity. June could bring domestic drama, as the stars fuel friction with a relative or roommate. Take action: make necessary changes to your living situation or family dynamics. July's stars increase the household peace. Summer ignites during the Leo birthday season from 22 July - 22 August; you also get a burst of love mojo when Venus visits Leo from 12 July - 5 August. Your cosmic new year arrives at the Leo new moon on 2 August, so make an extra set of birthday wishes then. A relationship could turn official near the 18 August full moon.

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: Swap that over-the-top Leo style for an understated look that emphasises a key feature, such as a strong brow with minimal makeup or a geometric haircut.


Welcome to the summer of you! Lucky Jupiter is in your sign until 9 September, a visit that only happens every 12 years. Step into the spotlight, advocate for your ideas, flaunt your unfiltered personality. Fame or a thrilling romantic moment could even arrive on 26 June, when Jupiter makes a rare summit with Pluto. Be warned, though: June could bring friction in a friendship or an argumentative streak. July sets your extracurricular life ablaze, sparking synergies with kindred spirts and making you a fixture on the social scene (and feeds). But take time to rest, nest and escape to the beach from 22 July - 22 August. Home and family matters could be equal parts stressful and motivating in August. But fear not: the Sun enters Virgo for a month on 22 August, giving you a surge of late-summer sizzle, culminating with a powerhouse 1 September Virgo solar eclipse. Hello, fresh start!

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: Go big or go home. Grab attention with a cherry-red lip and outrageously outsized statement earrings.


Take it easy this summer, Libra. You may feel unusually slower-paced and sleepy this year, but here's the good news: You're preparing for one of the most exciting cycles Libras have had in over a decade! On 9 September, lucky Jupiter will enter your sign for 13 months, kicking off one of the best years you've had in ages. (Yes, it's as major as it sounds).  In the meantime, tie up loose ends, escape to the beach and just chill. Watch your spending in June, as money stress could hit. The good news? July could bring a cashflow surge or a burst of motivation to improve your bottom line. The 4 July Cancer new moon could spark some new career opportunities, too. 

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: A relaxed and dreamy "festival" vibe like ombre hair or a loose-wave bob. Invest in a great moisturiser, serum and/or face masks for an extra dewy glow.


You're all fired up—but where will you channel that intense energy? Aggressive Mars is in Scorpio until 2 August, turning your personality up to maximum volume. But don't break your toe with those #micdrops, Scorpio. Mars is in a weakened position until 29 June, which could cause you to come on too strong or even offend people with your in-your-face opinions. Tweak your game behind the scenes, then make your big debut in July, when Mars helps you crush it in love, life and style. June could also bring a tightened budget or the realisation that you've outgrown a party-focused crew of friends. Your #goals could supersize in August, along with your bank account, especially after the career-boosting 2 August new moon. 

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: Hello, summer of cyberpunk! Go futuristic with metallic nails, a high ponytail, opaque aviators and looks inspired by this year's Met Gala.


Moving on up! You're so focused and busy building your Sagittarius empire that you might (almost) forget it's summer. Your ambitious side is on fire all season, along with your creativity. A major career or money moment arrives on 26 June, when your ruler, lucky Jupiter has a rare confab with potent Pluto. June and July also find you working behind the scenes, possibly also dealing with some heavier family or emotional issues, adjusting to a transition or streamlining your life. It's time for an overall upgrade, Sag, and that might mean setting firm boundaries with friends and family members who drain you. Your fire returns on 2 August, when go-getter Mars blazes into your sign through late September. Get ready to turn heads and make your dreams into reality.

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: Polish up your laid-back style and slay with a look that exudes power. Try some light contouring or bold lashes.


Jet-set summer! Adventurous Jupiter is in your worldly ninth house, awakening a desire to explore. Add some stamps to your passport this year, especially near the 26 June rare meetup of Jupiter and transformational Pluto (in Capricorn). Expanding your horizons through travel or study could be a major life-changer for you. Your love life AND your social life will explode with opportunity in July. A budding romance could spark up at the 4 July Cancer new moon (hello, fireworks!). A major personal victory—or an epiphany about your life path—arrives at the 19 July Capricorn full moon. Take a break and recover in August, when your energy reserves will be lower. Escape to the beach, explore spirituality, and dodge any family or home drama that could be going on. (Repeat after us: I don't have to fix this or make it all better.) A big money moment could arrive at the 18 August full moon. Get ready to pitch or sell yourself at a moment's notice!

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: With this year's boho vibes, take your cues from festival style: plaits, brightly-coloured hair dye, glitter dusted on your eyes and cheeks


Knock, knock! Your normally social sign could be missing in action from the scene, as the cosmos make you crave privacy and focus. You could deep dive into a passion project or you may be consumed with a steamy relationship. Watch your spending this summer, and don't break the bank trying to keep up with friends. Make a budget and plan ahead—we know, not your spontaneous sign's style! With all things, be selective: from the company you keep to the things you buy to the events you attend. Make sure you'll get at least as much out of every experience or connection as you put in. Your career heats up in July, so take your vacation early—or combine business and pleasure by bringing your work on the road. You could be invited to hang out with some VIPs and influencers, and a mentor could take you under his/her wing. On 2 August, the Leo new moon ignites a dynamic duo or finds you pondering a serious commitment. Circle the 18 August Aquarius full moon as a major solo moment. It's time to put yourself first and to share your most inspiring creations with the world.

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: This summer's sexy energy is the perfect time to experiment with the super-dark lipstick trend. A spiky short 'do could also appeal, but think twice before you chop it all off!


Two is your magic number this summer, as lucky Jupiter visits your relationship house through 9 September. Team up for love, work or both with a kindred spirit who helps you see the world through an inspiring and optimistic lens. With your ruler Neptune in a reflective position from mid-June onwards, you could do some serious soul-searching about your life's purpose. Seek clarity through some worldly adventures in July, when the travel bug bites. Love also heats up from 20 June - 22 July, putting the "lust" in your "wanderlust." Hello, vacation romance? In August, the focus turns to your career. Be bold and assertive; don't wait to be picked for the A-team. Let the influencers know how awesome you are by putting yourself in the spotlight. Finances could also fluctuate in August, inspiring you to be more of a go-getter. Pick up some freelance work and polish up your tech and social media skills.

BEAUTY TRENDS TO TRY: Soft and feminine is your speed this summer. Try a head of loose waves/curls and a streak of creamy eye shadow in peach or pink.


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