9 great summer beauty hacks

As the temperatures rise, so do new beauty problems. But don’t worry, we got them all solved – the clever way. Hack the summer away with these clever tricks.
18 May 2016

Summer is your feet’s time to shine. But all that walking and dancing can make your soles both tired and dry. The fastest remedy for this is to grab a potato! Cut it in half and coat it in coarse sea salt. Scrub away on the sole of your feet, and don’t forget your sides, and you have given your feet an instant exfoliation. 

The only trouble with strappy sandals and flip flops is the risk of blisters. No one wants a plaster to spoil the sandals look. Avoid it by instead rubbing ankles, toes and that area in between your toes with deodorant. The antiperspirant properties minimise moisture and wick away friction, which is what causes the blisters in the first place. 

A day on the beach is great, but getting sand in your clothes is not. The answer to this eternal summer struggle is baby-powder. Sprinkle the powder on your feet, legs and body and the sand will wipe right off immediately! Smart beach-goers will keep a bottle in the beach bag all day.  

Yes, we know it is not fun but it happens. Summer is a time when we tend to sweat a lot and chances are some of it will rub off on your brand new, pretty white shirt. There is a simple solution though. Put lemon juice on the stain before washing it and the stain will magically disappear. 

You will notice that hair colour fades quicker in the sun. To maintain your hair tint and make colour last longer, simple spray your hair with apple cider vinegar. Leave it for ten minutes before washing it out. You may also keep a small bottle of apple cider vinegar in your beach bag and spritz each time after you hit the water.

You can make your own cooling spray easily and cheaply at home. Blend two cucumbers in a mixer together with rose water and lemon juice. Pour into a small, travel size spray bottle and keep it in your bag. It cools heated skin and smells divine. 

After a day at the beach, you may feel the urge to freshen up before heading home but you may not have the time nor energy to do a full makeup. A bronzer goes a long way. It gives your cheeks a natural shine and gives your eyelids a perfect glow. 

An easy way to stay ahead of the matte nail polish trend – and an easy way to switch your nail polish look – is to add a little bit of corn starch to your clear polish. It turns it matte instantly.