Cat People Magazine

Cats rule the hearts (and lives) of many creative types in fashion and art, which the buzzed-about Cat People Magazine explores with great interviews and award-winning graphic design.
30 April 2015

With so many incredible independent magazines out there, what’s really caught people’s eyes lately?

Cat People Magazine, of course! Founded and published from Melbourne, Australia by graphic designer Jessica Lowe and photographer Gavin Green, it features cat-obsessed creatives from around the world and has been featured in a bevy of cool and in-the-know design sites such as It’s Nice That and MagCulture. Plus, it has several international design awards. But really, it’s about cats.

"We had noticed that many of our favourite artists and designers owned cats as pets, and we felt a kinship because we have cats, too [two Siamese cats named Lola and Lulu]. It became a unique entry into the homes and studios of people who are doing and making wonderful work. There didn’t seem to be a magazine like Cat People out there already – something that fused a love of cats with fashion, art and interiors. We weren’t sure if it was an idea that other people would understand, but we followed our instinct to make something that we would enjoy making and reading."

Absolutely. But they’re also a favourite of creative types, especially those in fashion and design. Cat People Magazine explores this relationship between cats and their owners. 

Cats are funny and loyal and supportive in ways that seem to be compatible with creative people. All of the artists and designers featured in the magazine share their lovely homes and studios with their cats, and they all have incredible book collections, too. This might be what cat people have in common! 

The debut issue features the cats and lifestyles of fashion designers Vivetta Ponti (Vivetta) and Suzanne Clements & Inacio Ribeiro (Clements Ribeiro), illustrator Mat Maitland, and artist Tanya Schultz (Pip & Pop). There is also a new photo-essay by photographer Takashi Homma, illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli and artist Lucy James. What’s also interesting about the magazine is that it’s bilingual – English and Japanese.  

"Although we are from Australia, the spiritual home of Cat People is definitely Japan. We expected some interest from Japan for a magazine about cats and art, so to allow our readers there to experience the complete version of the magazine — not only the photographs — we decided to present the text in both English and Japanese." 

In the middle of production for their second issue, anticipation is running high. Especially since it’s recently been cited as one of trend forecaster WGSN’s ten new magazines to track down. And because it’s designed more as an art book than a typical magazine, with high levels of production, it’s true labour of love.

"[The next issue] is going to be an evolution of the first — a similar format but with a larger print run, longer interviews and new paper stocks. We’re refining the look and feel, and working with some exciting contributors. This part of the process is the most fun, bringing new editorial into the mix and seeing things take shape. We had hoped that Cat People would find readers who were interested in the creatives we interviewed, but beyond that we just tried to model the publication on our own dreams and hopes for the magazine. We have found that the best way to self-publish is to be your own audience." 


You can find Cat People Magazine on their website, Twitter and Instagram!

Founders of Cat People Magazine: Graphic designer Jessica Lowe and photographer Gavin Green.

Founders of Cat People Magazine: Graphic designer Jessica Lowe and photographer Gavin Green.

Although we are from Australia, the spiritual home of Cat People is definitely Japan.
Cat People Magazine