Patricia Field follows Mia Moretti, Piera Gelardi and Paris Hilton, Getty Images.

Patricia Field follows Mia Moretti, Piera Gelardi and Paris Hilton, Getty Images.

Patricia Field

Patricia Field is a New York fashion legend – she won an Emmy for costume design for Sex and the City and her name is a by-word for cool, fun Manhattan fashion. Here are her Instagram faves!
9 July 2015

Scooter is a New York-based artist and friend of mine. If you want to see unique, one of a kind artwork and fashion pieces that stand out, he is your go-to! His work has been worn by everyone from Beyoncé to Cyndi Lauper.

A fellow Armenian and friend who is the beauty and fashion blogger behind She is the reason I went to Coachella and I’m so grateful to have had her as my host. She’s always running around NYC to different events and featuring new beauty products and designers. Plus, you feel that her blogging is completely natural. What’s cooler than a REAL girl sharing her experiences?

I have known Paris for many years, as she has been coming by my shop with her sister Nicky since they were teenagers. I admire and respect her because much like her grandfather, Nicky, she has catapulted her more-than-fortunate birthright, and with hard work and her lively energy, has continued to evolve the Hilton name. 

Through the years, Claire Sulmers, the EIC of Fashion Bomb Daily, has been featuring my shop on their site and social media. They have been a great support. I like to align myself with successful, energetic and independent women and this is a great follow.

My assistant Rosey alerted me to Mia as she very much admired her work as a DJ. What attracts me to Mia is that she has created her own brand image by combining her music taste with her fashion taste. They are totally compatible and tell her story. 

She’s a cool girl – creative director at Refinery29 with one of the most interesting Instagrams out there. She’s a visual popstar from A-Z.
P.S. Love the pink hair. Daughter of the mother red! #redhairmafia approved. 


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