Lainy Hedaya follows Zanita Whittington, Getty Images.

Lainy Hedaya follows Zanita Whittington, Getty Images.

Lainy Hedaya

Lainy Hedaya’s Haute Inhabit is an NYC fashion blog showcasing her beautiful life and flawless style. This week she shares her Instagram favourites for Follow Friday.
13 March 2015

Some of my favourite work is by Rocio, who is one of my favourite photographers and artists. He does some of the most amazing mixed media photographs. It's the type of stuff you want on your wall. 

If there is one thing Aussies do right, it's fashion. Zanita is a fashion photographer, and her personality is one of a kind, and she is a creative genius. Her photography always takes me to another world.

Michael Dumler is a photographer who can make every woman look beautiful (so maybe he sees the beauty in every woman?). And anyone who's been photographed by him can attest to that. 

I found this electro pop producer on Vine, and then stalked him all the way to Instagram. He's like a mix of Coldplay and Bon Iver. Something about that mix is absolutely grand, plus he also posts some really cool art.

This fashion photographer and illustrator has the sexiest and most aesthetically pleasing feed on Instagram. When I look at it I often think, I want my life to be that dark. 


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