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Watch DJ Éclair Fifi prepare for a gig and meet some of her best-dressed fans as they get ready for a night of partying…

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Watch DJ Éclair Fifi prepare for a gig and meet some of her best-dressed
fans as they get ready for a night of partying…

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Éclair Fifi

DJ & Radio Host
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Hello Éclair Fifi!

Éclair Fifi is the DJ/illustrator/designer from Scotland who started making radio waves at the tender age of 16. Thanks to her show at infamous pirate station Interface, she landed gigs at the most reputable techno festivals and underground clubs in the UK, as well as featuring on BBC Radio 1’s In New DJs We Trust. Fifi is part of the Scottish record label LuckyMe and hosts a show on Rinse FM. She tours the world with her music and somehow finds the time to study Illustration & Visual Communication at Edinburgh College of Art too!

What do you love about music?

Music is so engrained in me that I sometimes don’t even realize or remember why or how I am so into it, it’s my life… it’s my utter and complete comfort zone. Music is always there for you, no matter what situation you’re in.

And how did you get into electronic music?

My parents went to house clubs in the late 80’s and early 90’s and they would bring home mixtapes by classic Chicago House and Detroit Techno DJs. I was little, but I remember sneaking the tapes onto my Walkman and listening on the swing in our garden.

“I always thought my name sounded like a cute Parisian poodle pet name but then people started knowing me by it from flyers and stuff, so I was stuck with it”

And could you describe your best fan encounter?

Too many to mention, I have really sweet fans. Someone once made me tiny éclair pastries in the shape of the letters in my name. And I get given a lot of custom-made Fifi T-shirts at gigs too. I’ve yet to wear any out, I find it weird to wear my own name on a shirt. But they’re something to show my grandkids when the time comes!

Where will life lead you?

One day I will be a batty old lady living with the love of my life in an amazing self- designed house in NYC, Tokyo or Paris. I’ll still be drawing and making things, perhaps not DJ’ing as much though… unless some new gadgets are invented that makes turntables user-friendly for the old folks!

What’s your style behind the decks?

Right now, I love high-waist garments with crop tops or wearing all black with one stand-out item like white shoes. You always get photographed whilst performing so the last thing you want are pictures up online forever of you wearing something that you weren’t that into to begin with.

What do you always bring to a gig?

Vitamin C gummy sweets for energy as some clubs shut at 9am in Europe! Beauty- wise, a miniature Dior perfume and a matte red lipstick are always loose in my pockets. Same goes for some strong hairspray, those headphones can flatten your hair…

Your music in three words, please?

Colourful. Dynamic. Tactile.

Mademoiselle Yulia

DJ & Artist
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Hello Mademoiselle Yulia!

With music as electric as her look, Mademoiselle Yulia moves effortlessly between DJing, singing and designing edgy jewellery for her own brand. If you’ve missed her behind the decks, chances are you’ve seen her signature electric blue hair on a street-style blog. Her impressive resume also lists a collaboration with Kylie Minogue and a regular column for Japanese Nylon.

What do you love about music?

I'm a really shy person and I always find myself short of words. Music is the best way I know to let people see who I really am.

And how did you get into DJ'ing?

I was asked to DJ without any experience at a friend’s party – and was literally the worst DJ ever that night. But I loved the feeling of people dancing to the songs I played. After that I started working on my DJ skills and six months later I could officially call myself a DJ and not just a ‘button presser’.

“On stage, I always go for outfits that are colourful and decorative with a street vibe”

What’s your favourite outfit on stage?

I always go for something colourful and decorative with a street vibe. One day I want to try to wear a kimono on stage.

How did you pick your DJ name?

I wanted a name that sounded cute and sophisticated at the same time, which I thought Mademoiselle did together with my real name Yulia. It also doesn’t give any hints to what it is that I do, which means I can do whatever I want.

Your music in three words, please?

Tokyo, street culture, fun.

That’s four, but okay! Best party ever?

Paris Fashion Week is always a good time. I remember going to a live show... I was in the middle of the dance floor when loads of bodyguards walked through the doors. People got kind of nervous but I just kept dancing until this big bodyguard called me over – turns out it was on behalf of Rihanna! She had spotted me in the crowd and recognized me from my Instagram.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Trust yourself and do whatever you want – credits to my parents.

Cate Underwood

DJ & Model
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Hello Cate!

Cate Underwood is the Ukrainian DJ, photographer and model who entertains the fashion crowd – both with her stunning photography and with the music that she brings to fashion weeks and exhibitions everywhere. This true fashion darling has already been profiled by Vogue Italia, shot for the Ukrainian editions of Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel and Harper’s Bazaar and now contributes to V Magazine.

What do you love about DJ'ing?

It’s one thing to listen to music and have that change your own mood. But when you can shift the mood of others, even just 20 people in a bar – that feeling is addictive. It’s one of the most powerful ways I can express myself, because I can see the shift in people instantly.

“I think an element of weirdness usually makes the most beautiful music”

How did you first get into it?

The first time I did it was for a small project my friends were organizing called Fresh Meat. They invited people who had never DJ’ed before, but who they thought had good taste. After that I was hooked and tried my luck at exhibitions and fashion events like Fashion’s Night Out.

Your taste in music in three words?

Experimental, electronic and weird. I think an element of weirdness usually makes the most beautiful music.

What do you wear when you play?

I always go for comfort because I love dancing – I dance as much as the people on the dance floor. You’re likely to catch me in my favourite white jumpsuit from Gareth Pugh with a furry coat on top, because I’m always cold at the start of a gig. So, yes, some kind of leather coat, and a pair of ugly shoes.

Best style tip?

I really love 90’s fashion because back then people weren’t so preoccupied with looking fabulous and opted for looks that expressed their personality.

And where will life take you?

I have no idea where I will be tomorrow. The only thing I know is that I will keep creating until my last breath.

Dream Koala

Producer & Artist
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Hello Dream Koala!

Yndi Ferreira’s dream is that his music will make YOU dream. Under the moniker “Dream Koala” he creates layered electronica punctuated by his signature falsetto and guitar. Yndi was born to Brazilian parents, raised in Paris and now lives in Berlin. His music has already gained him fans everywhere – from the pickiest club promoters to magazines such as Vogue.

What do you love about music?

Music means everything to me. It’s my work, it’s how I met my friends, it’s what’s taken me to places I never thought I would see. I don’t know what my life would be like without music.

And how did you pick your name?

I thought it was interesting to compare myself with an element or an animal and the Koala corresponded well with my personality. All they do is sleep, eat and change trees which is kind of my dream life! And ‘dream’ because I like it when art immerses you in the artist’s universe, as if you are dreaming.

“Music means everything to me. It’s my work, it’s how I met my friends, it’s what’s taken me to places I never thought I would see”

Your music in three words?

Minimalist, dreamy and religious – but not in the typical sense. I like the respect and silence you can feel when you enter a church, it’s a quality I want to bring to my music.

What do you wear on stage?

I always wear the same necklace that my mother gave me. I like to wear black ‘cause I somehow imagine it makes me look taller. In the future I’d like to have a stylist help me get some stage clothes together. I would really want to have my own style that will make people go, ‘Oh my god what is this?! What planet does this guy come from?!’. Some skirts or some weird hairpiece. I find men wearing skirts really interesting, some people are just so afraid of it and I don’t know why – it’s just a bit of material.

How do you prepare for a gig?

I always look for a calm, non-smoking place backstage where I can close my eyes, breathe and do my voice exercises. I try to disconnect from everything and focus on the show.

Where will life take you?

I’m not even 20 so I can’t really say what my life is going to be like. I want to play for thousands of people, I want to be on TV, radio and in magazines. But if I ever feel that music isn’t fun anymore, I’ll stop and do something else instead that I find interesting – even if it means starting over.

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